Art & Language Training convergence program development.

About Us

eader of innovation, technology start-up company
that combined IOT technology with EDU-TECH.

JJTech Co., LTD develops products that help children's basic
education with the best solution and creative approach.

We developed a program that combines language learning with art for quality service.

JJTech CO., LTD FeelingPen aims to become a leader company
IOT technology and education contents.
JJTech CO., LTD is a company that presents a new educational paradigm, and is leading the development of products that can raise the happiness and happiness index of children by researching
and developing educational system using IOT fusion technology.

Especially, JJTech CO., LTD has secured patents with
haptic pen that combines vibration feedback with education,
and developed products that help children with basic
education by using patented technology.

It is certified as a unique and creative product from buyers at domestic and international exhibitions.

상호명 주)제이제이기술 (JJTech CO., LTD)
제품명 필링펜 (FeelingPen)
주소 Gyeongbuk National Univercity Techno Bd 306, Gyeongdaero 17gil – 47 , Bukgu, Daeg Metropolitan city , South Korea
Zipcode : 41566
전화번호 053-216-7979
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